The chapters below are rough drafts of a potential book titled Capitalism: Power, Profits, and Human Flourishing. I used these chapters in certain classes I once taught and haven't revised them in many years. They are here because occasionally people want use them, typos and all!

I guess the MLA citation would be something like: Nilsson, Eric. Capitalism: Power, Profits, and Human Flourishing. n.p., 2017. Web. Date Accessed here. <>

0-Title Page

1. Introduction

2. The Surplus

3. Economic Class

4. Different Economic Systems

5. Capitalism and Profit

6. Profits and the Markup

7. Demand and the Demand Curve

8. Demand and Profit Seeking

9. Does Capitalism Give People What they Want?

10. Competition

11. Competitive Neighborhoods

12. Evolution of Industries and Barriers to Entry

13. Product Differentiation and Competition

14. The Drive for Large Size

15. Industrial Landscape of the U.S. Economy

16. Core and Periphery

17. Industry Structures

18. Monopoly

19. Oligopoly

20. Antitrust Policy

21. Additional Topics in Monopoly and Oligopoly Pricing

22. Highly Competitive Industries and the Supply Curve

23. Supply and Demand in Highly Competitive Industries

24. Competitive Market and Efficiency

25. Two Roles and Capitalism: Consumer and Employee

26. The Labor Market and the Employment Relationship

27. Work Effort and Profitability

28. The Extraction of Work Effort: Coercion and Consent

29. The Evolution of Jobs in Capitalism

30. The Cost of Job Loss

31. Systems of Labor Control

32. Endogenous Preferences in Capitalism